What We Provide

Technical Analysis Courses applied in all sorts of Capital Markets

Technical Analysis Course

Understand Charts, Shortlisting trades, right Entry and Exit Price, Risk to Reward ratios, Money Management, Trading Strategies and that will empower you to start your trading journey…


Advance Trading Strategies

Shortlist from different trading systems based on your personality type and the amount of time you can devote to trading and master the strategies that suit you the best.

Live Trading

Live Trading & Mentorship

Get notified on every trade that we enter. Understand the setups and the reasons behind the stop loss and target levels. Trade with us and share your trades.


Reasons why we are different from other training firms
Flexible Training Modes

We offer different modes of training which includes Classroom Training where we provide face to face interaction, Online Training wherein traders look for web-based learning through live webinars and Online Videos

Teaching Approach

In Hexaurum, we believe in empowering every student to be a consistent profitable trader and so we use different learning styles like lectures, activities, demo trading, homework and mentorship.

Live Trading

At Hexaurum, we believe in making money together. We analyze different markets and share our analysis with students through our Live Trading forum where our trades are shared with our students the instance we execute them.

Comprehensive Syllabus

We have designed our training syllabus recognizing the need of beginner traders to cover all the important elements that are needed to start their trading journey and provide them with in-depth knowledge of technical analysis

Schedule a Call Back

We understand that it may be a challenge to zero down on which training institute to join, so we suggest you to share your contact number and our friendly staff will connect with you to clear your queries. You can expect a call back within 24 hours.

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The focus of Mentorship is to mentor beginner traders to the extent of generating a source of income by trading. During mentorship, we practice live trading with traders so they are confident in implementing the strategies learnt, on real money, keeping their emotions in check.

The following aspects of trading are covered during one month of mentorship.


  • review rating 5  It's a good training institute for the one who is seeking a guidance in trading by using technical analysis.... And the trainers are good

    thumb Husna B

    review rating 5  Excellent institute to learn trading technicals for beginners. I came to Hexaurum with zero technical knowledge on stock market. Now I am able to perform technical analysis on any stocks and decide if it is good to take a call and after taking a call the right time to exit. Apart from Technical analysis they also coach you on various strategies and based on your personality you can adopt and build a strategy for yourself. I completed 2 months of Technical analysis and Strategy building training and then I enrolled into Personal Mentorship program where in they have 1-1 session with you daily for live trade guidances. The personal mentorship sessions are proving to be really worth it, it is helping me to gain confidence and enabling me into becoming a good trader. In mentorship program I am learning to apply strategy, right time to enter/exit, and to maintain good risk/reward ratio and identifying mistakes and getting guidances on what not to do and more importantly patience to wait for the right moment. Rahul, Sneha and Janson are doing excellent job, they are helping many people to make a career out of Stock / Forex Trading. Good job, keep up the good work.

    thumb Damasus Fernandez

    review rating 5  Hexaurum is Just superb ..thanks to Sneha and Rahul very much ....I learnt Technical Analysis. ..Now I'm able to do Trade myself independently...with little effort from my end... And understanding the key concepts of Trading from Hexaurum. ..I'm financially independent..Art of Trading is having Balanced mind set. .Strict discipline. .Having no regrets about losses which surely can be recovered over the time. .Patience pays off... Thanks to Sneha . Her strategy helped me a lot. ..I Trade in Equities ..Thanks Danish ,Rahul and Sneha from Hexaurum ..

    thumb Harish Kumar
  • review rating 5  Hexaurum is the perfect place for someone looking out to get the edge on Financial Markets and Trading. The staff has significant experience on these trading platform and their mentors especially Sneha and Rahul had helped me understand the each and every insights they have in market. I am very thankful and grateful to Team Hexaurum that brought significant amount of confidence in me to look further in these profession, and I am confident that I will make it with help of this guys. Danish is just go to person for any queries you have respect to course or anything on Technical Analysis. I recommend HEXAURUM. Cheers!

    thumb krunal damwala

    review rating 5  Hexaurum is the best place in banglore, for the people who are searching for trading courses.You can definitely build a strong foundation in trading after taking their course.And the mentors here are highly experienced and easily accessible, I loved the way of their approach and their teaching methods. The best part of the course is mentorship part which was very helpful for me. Special thanks to Sneha & Janz who mentored me and corrected my trading system & also Danish who got me into Hexaurum and also was always their to clarify my doubts. I am very fortunate that I am associated with Hexaurum and team Rahul Seth , Sneha , Janz & Danish. All the best.

    thumb Secret 11

    review rating 5  While I believe trading is a journey everyone has to explore their own way, the Hexaurum team can definitely help you get the right start. The team is dedicated, methodical and makes it easy for almost anyone to pick up the basic concepts. Very friendly and positive team!

    thumb Sandeep Vijayakumar
  • review rating 4  Hexaurum is one of the best places to learn technical analysis. If you want learn something your base must be strong. I am sure anyone who studied here Will have a strong base. The rest is up to you. I can strongly recommend everyone about Hexaurum.

    thumb vinu vincent

    review rating 5  Excellent support. Easily available. Queries are answered with patience. Very satisfying experience. Good trading method and highly supportive mentors.

    thumb Muhammed Zab

    review rating 5  Any one who has passion to learn explore and make trading as profession.."Hexaurum is the right place ".. Approach and way of teaching is just remarkable.. Team members show atmost co operation..just a call or message they are there to help you out .. !!!

    thumb Misba Khatija
  • review rating 5  It was a good learning experience at Hexaurum. The faculty were very competent and handled all queries to my complete satisfaction. Thank you team Hexaurum

    thumb Krishnakumar Madanagopal

    review rating 5  staff are very friendly and they clarified all over my question. they given clear cut information with patience. am so happy with hexaurum...

    thumb Shivakumar Shivu

    review rating 5  The people and the environment has a charm which draws you to probably the best institute where you can actually learn on how to take your first step to financial freedom. Hatsoff to the whole team for their extreme support and professionalism !

    thumb Noh1l Sharma
  • review rating 4  Hey guys, I would really recommend this institute for people who have gained interest or passion in to trading. The team is very co-operative and understanding for the guidance they provide to students and experienced people. Thanks guys for all the support, you changed my angle of looking towards the markets. Keep up the good work, looking forward to learn from you in future.

    thumb prinkle jain

    review rating 5  Good place for beginners to start their trading journey. knowledgeable and friendly mentors.

    thumb mohammed faizan

    review rating 5  While I believe trading is a journey everyone has to explore their own way, the Hexaurum team can definitely help you get the right start. The team is dedicated, methodical and makes it easy for almost anyone to pick up the basic concepts. Very friendly and positive team!

    thumb Sandeep Vijayakumar
  • review rating 5  I would recommend taking up a course for anyone to learn to trade in the markets. Great experience

    thumb Ram Aravind

    review rating 5  Hexaruam is very interesting place to learn the basics of stock market. I recommend new traders to attend the course before they start the trade. I found my own strategy of trading only because of this Technical analysis course. Sneha is an excellent teacher so cool to explain and clear all the doubts. Rahul is an experienced person and Danish is teacher as well as communicating with every one for arranging the session. Totally the team is rocking.

    thumb Abraham Santiyagu

    review rating 5  It is one of the best place to learn forex.all the faculties are live forex traders which helps to get real time examples on trading different stratergies😊

    thumb Aadya Vyshnavi
  • review rating 5  For sure we can the say these guys are the best . Mentors are really good in teaching and as well in interacting with students. This is the right place for beginners to get good grip in technical analysis . Mentorship programme is really good where we can share our ideas and views to all the other people . Thanks to all the people in Hexarum for standing beside me from the day one and corrected all mistakes .

    thumb saran reddy

    review rating 5  Hexaurum makes trading simpler to understand and execute. Their teaching methodology is impeccable, and their team is dedicated and hard working. I'm excited to see them continue to grow further. Great company!

    thumb paden bhutia

    review rating 5  Hexauram is a perfect place to learn and understand technical analysis where they cover all the topic perfectly they have good supportive team (specially Danish ) who really guide in every situation at last but not least they have very good friendly environment...

    thumb Mohammed Uqba
  • review rating 5  I have joined with my friend in Hexaurum to learn some basics on trading. I joined there without knowing anything about technical analysis or trading. I used to listen to suggestions from friends and used to do a very limited buy/sell of shared in ICICI direct. Now I believe this was the best decision that I made in the recent past. Excellent class room sessions that gave me insights to various analysis and then the deep dive into technical analysis. I have couple of my friends taken up online courses and recorded sessions. Discussing and sharing our ideas, I could make out that my class room sessions had given me better confidence level than that of my friends who were doing online. Thanks to Rahul, Janz and Sneha for your excellent coaching. It is not just the theory that helped but sharing your past experience was a good learning too for us. Good thing is that none of you have forced to follow any of your style, and helped us to develop own style based on personality. Live sessions and now the mentorship classes are really making a difference. Instead of blindly listening to friends and making a call, I am able to make my own analysis and take a call. Risk to reward, finding entry and exit points are getting clear now. I know will be still making mistakes, but I know what risk I can take and learning to let go things at times 😊 Thank you whole team for your flexibility and approachability. Once again thanks to Sneha, Janson, Rahul and Danesh.

    thumb kpradeep2010

    review rating 5  It's the best place to learn and sharpen your skills in forex. The mentors are exceptional, focused, and mentors us with best scenarios. Don't look anywhere else if you wanna open doors to knowledge, power, patience, and wealth. Wishing the very best for our Hexaurum family and thank you all. Best regards, Czar

    thumb czarbon czar

    review rating 5  Hexaurum offers the best technical analysis courses in town. The teaching staff are very professional and easily approachable for doubt clarification.. Rahul Sir insists on risk management and studying our own psychology as the key to profitability rather than knowing 100s of strategies, and this is highly appreciable.. Sneha's way of teaching is easy to understand as she gives every day life examples for teaching complex concepts.. Overall it was a great experience to participate in their beginners program..

    thumb namratha patel
  • review rating 4  Administration and faculties are knowledgeable. Good place to start one's stock trading journey.

    thumb Lakshmi S

    review rating 5  Amazing place. Friendly mentors. I learnt everything about stock maMark and technical analysis, much easier way

    thumb Ajith Kumar

    review rating 5  Very good environment for learning.. All trainer are very supportive and having practical knowledge . If any one really interested in stock market training should think Hexaurum....

    thumb Amit Kumar