What We Provide

Technical Analysis Courses applied in all sorts of Capital Markets


Understand Charts, Shortlisting trades, right Entry and Exit Price, Risk to Reward ratios, Money Management, Trading Strategies and that will empower you to start your trading journey…



Shortlist from different trading systems based on your personality type and the amount of time you can devote to trading and master the strategies that suit you the best.

Live Trading


Get notified on every trade that we enter. Understand the setups and the reasons behind the stop loss and target levels. Trade with us and share your trades.


Reasons why we are different from other training firms
Flexible Training Modes

We offer different modes of training which includes Classroom Training where we provide face to face interaction, Online Training wherein traders look for web-based learning through live webinars and Online Videos

Teaching Approach

In Hexaurum, we believe in empowering every student to be a consistent profitable trader and so we use different learning styles like lectures, activities, demo trading, homework and mentorship.

Live Trading

At Hexaurum, we believe in making money together. We analyze different markets and share our analysis with students through our Live Trading forum where our trades are shared with our students the instance we execute them.

Comprehensive Syllabus

We have designed our training syllabus recognizing the need of beginner traders to cover all the important elements that are needed to start their trading journey and provide them with in-depth knowledge of technical analysis

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Technical Analysis Program - September 2019 Batch


The focus of Mentorship is to mentor beginner traders to the extent of generating a source of income by trading. During mentorship, we practice live trading with traders so they are confident in implementing the strategies learnt, on real money, keeping their emotions in check.

The following aspects of trading are covered during one month of mentorship.