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 Personal Mentorship 

 Trading Program 

 Please Note: This Mentorship Program is only for our students 

Duration: 16 Weeks

Cost: 40,000 INR + GST

Modern Structure

What we will trade:

1. Intraday trading on Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Nasdaq, S&P 500 in Global Markets

2. Swing Trading on Stock options in Indian markets

3. Intraday Trading on Nifty and Bank Nifty Index Options as an Option buyer

4. Long term investments in Mid cap and Small cap stocks

What we will do:

1. Maintaining a record of each trade using a Journal.

2. Understanding your risk appetite and making a plan to manage         risk appropriately.

3. Psychology aspects of trading for your personality type.

4. Mistakes that are preventing you from being profitable because        of too much fear or greed.

5. Rules for Entry and Exit based on the trading system that works        best for you.


What is expected out of you:

In this mentorship we will also brief you upon


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