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Technical Analysis Trading Course | February 2024

Feb 16, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024

  • 66Days
  • 69Steps
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India's top-ranking institute for Technical Analysis education Our expertise lies in empowering forthcoming traders or absolute beginners to start stock market trading with confidence. The trading course provided at Hexaurum learning is designed keeping in mind the learning curve of a beginner trader. What started 5 years back as a 2 week course has now transformed into a two-month program based on feedback from our students. The course is divided into 1 month of demo trading and 1 month of live trading so that the students not only understand the science of price movement but are also trained to make perfect entry and exit decisions on their trades. During the 1st month we teach students how to read the charts and all the core concepts of trading. They also learn different price action trading strategies like support resistance and candle sticks along with proprietary trading systems that we are using to make daily profits. In the 2nd month the focus shifts to specialized trading styles like intraday trading or swing trading. Student start executing live trades based on what they learned in month 1. Month 2 is when the real learning begins as students experience the role of emotions in live trading and are thought risk management strategies and learn about position sizing as well as psychological aspects of trading. All this is achieved with regular assignments, live market sessions and real time mentorship as part of training.

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