Regular Beginners’ Batch

Level: Beginner                Duration: 2 months                                  

This course is designed for students who are starting their trading journey, as well as traders who are not able to make consistent profits.

Currently Enrolling      6 Weeks/24 Course Hours



Key Highlights Of The Course

1st Month

  • Detailed knowledge about Technical Analysis Concepts
  • 8 strategies will be taught in detail catering to different types of trading personalities
  • Conducting activity after every session in order to provide proper understanding of the concept
  • Trading on Demo Account
  • Trading System (Risk management, Stop loss placement)

2nd Month

  • Mentorship is where the focus will be on application of the concepts either on Live account or demo account
  • Major emphasis on Risk Management and Trading Psychology
  • 3 Online Trading sessions with experienced Traders on Live markets
  • 1 on 1 counselling session with the Experienced Traders regarding Trading personality
  • Implementation of 8 Strategies
  • Helping the student to figure out the strategy based on their personality