Who we are

Hexaurum is a Technical Analysis Research and Training Institute, run by Full-time Traders. We train Technical Analysis that is applied while trading Capital markets. The prime focus of our Training Program is to eliminate human emotions while trading the global markets and shift to a mechanical trading approach. Our Aim is to trade the Capital markets making consistent profits using our Trading Systems, evolving our strategies along with the changing markets, and educate traders on the dynamics of successful trading, reducing the disaster caused by uncontrolled emotions. Hexaurum provides nonparallel training to just about anybody, be them students or the starting investor. The teaching approach and methodology is tailored to impart thorough knowledge on the market and help each individual discover their innate and instinctive trading style.

Our Mission

Is to help our students create a source of income by trading Financial markets. It so easy that any disciplined average human being can do this, and we show you how this is done.

Our Philosophy

Tell me and i forget, Teach me and i remember, involve me and i learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Our training programs are structured in such a way that the students not only understand the concepts and the technical aspects of trading, they also learn how to trade in live markets from our mentorship sessions, and build confident skills pertaining to risk management and rid themselves of psychological roadblocks. Its a journey from trading on demo accounts to going live and making consistent returns

Meet the team

Col Raj Seth(Retd)

Col Raj Seth(Retd)

About Raj
Raj is an army veteran with over 30 years of experience with the Indian Army. He trades the stock market, handles the entire team and ensures we are on track with our goals. His guidance, support and constant mentoring in overcoming challenges have been invaluable.
Rahul Seth

Rahul Seth

CEO/Intraday Trader
About Rahul
Rahul has been trading the forex market for more than 10 years now and prefers intraday trading using semi-automated algorithms. His forte lies in backtesting potential trading systems and finetuning them. He also outlines the training syllabus. He has a keen interest in spirituality and actively plays Poker.
Sneha Gupta

Sneha Gupta

Swing Trader
About Sneha
Sneha, being an advanced trader with a strong fundamental trading background with 6 years of trading experience, loves swing trading using two time frame concept. Her exceptional trading style has contributed immensely in shaping the current proprietary trading strategies that we use and teach in our courses. She has an eye for detail and a strong sense of risk management. She is also an expert Poker player.
Janson Janardhanan

Janson Janardhanan

Pattern Trader
About Janson
Janson is an extremely active day trader and a proficient pattern trader. Precision and alert attention to the markets are his hobbies. During range-bound markets, when trend followers quietly wait for the markets to move, Janson trades harmonic patterns and accumulates steady profits. He continues to break new ground with his swift approach and prompt adapting to changing market conditions. Also a smart and patient poker player, as well as an avid gamer.